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Marketing Campaigns for B2B eCommerce: 10 Tips

Marketing Campaigns for B2B eCommerce: 10 Tips

Creating marketing campaigns for B2B eCommerce may seem like a daunting task. However, with the right tools and a bit of creativity, you can create effective marketing strategies specifically tailored for your B2B customers without putting a strain on your budget. Here is a list of 10 tips to help give your Marketing campaigns for B2B eCommerce a boost.

B2B Marketing

B2B Arbeit am Laptop


1) Keep your blog alive. Most marketers will agree that blog posts are one of the best ways to reach your target audience by providing valuable market trends analysis, compiling industry best practices, or illustrating unique business ideas. At the same time, blogging is a great way to boost your rankings with SEO. Create informative blog posts addressing popular keywords and illuminating burning issues in the industry to help your readers’ business grow. Not only will you be reaching your community with great content, but you’ll also boost your organic traffic by ranking high on targeted keywords.

2) Rejuvenate old pages. Don’t just publish something and forget it. Keep it fresh! Whether you are revisiting older content, publishing the latest statistics, or improving design elements, your frequent visitors, as much as search engine robots, will appreciate the renovation.


3) Optimize your website for mobile. By 2020, mobile is projected to take more than 70% of B2B search queries, which means it’s now more crucial than ever to make your company’s B2B website deliver exceptional user experience on any platform. Test your mobile speed to see if your website is up to par with the competition and plan your further mobile eCommerce transformation, whether it’s a mobile-friendly UX on your existing website, a native mobile app, or a PWA.

Social Media

4) Post often and make it impactful. Studies show that 60% of buyers will research service providers on social media before making a purchasing decision. This is a great way to post updates on your company, new promotions or events, and material from your blog.

Email Marketing

5) Track your campaigns. Email marketing can be extremely effective if you are tracking your progress. Emailing systems like Mailchimp can enable you to track your open rates, click rates, and unsubscribed rates. When accompanied with a CRM, you can use this data to see which marketing campaigns were successful at drawing the most leads into your website.

6) Work closely with your sales team. Since you are targeting purchasing decision-makers within a company, your sales team will have a bigger insight into what their accounts are purchasing and what their pain points are. Create a marketing campaign that aligns with the sales strategy for a highly personalized outreach.

7) Be proactive. Don’t let potential leads fall through the cracks! Create campaigns that involve several follow-ups over a certain time period.

B2B LoyaltyPrograms

8) Implement a customer loyalty program. Keep your B2B customers engaged by rewarding them with personalized incentives. B2B loyalty programs can help you push through slow sales cycles, boost customer retention, and serve as a lead generation method.


9) Create video content. Videos are one of the most flexible and creative ways to display your content. You can create customer success stories, how-to videos, product walkthroughs – the options are limitless! The best part is that you can recycle this content to display on your social media, website, blog posts, and partner websites.

10) Invest in white papers. Whether it’s an investment in time or money, a white paper is one of the most dynamic marketing tools you can have under your belt. Easily, lead generation is the biggest benefit of publishing white papers on your website, but you can also use them to build your brand awareness and establish your company as the industry expert in its field.

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